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Solovev Bratva Series Review

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Solovev Bratva Duet by Nicole Fox

Solovev Bratva Duet by Nicole Fox

This is a new to me author and I came across her whilst hunting on amazon. I haven't read in such a long time and was looking for something I could get seriously engrossed in!

I literally devoured the entire series within 24 hours! Everything was sidelined from eating, household chores, and laundry! I was completely immersed in Leo and Willow.

The author keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire series! I'm so glad that both books in the series were released as the cliffhanger with book one ensured I purchased and moved on to book two as soon as I had finished it I just NEEDED to see where their story was going! The twists were insane and unexpected. I loved the way the author managed to keep the secrets even from the reader, especially with it being written from a dual point of view!

This story was HOT from the first few pages. I was so invested, the way the sex was entwined within the story was perfect, it wasn't like just reading a book of smut.

Leo was a hot alpha all brooding! Taking control of every given situation but not to the point of her ex-husband, you could understand his rationale, and even though she was a pawn in his game you could tell, as the reader, before him that he was falling and hard. The author did an amazing job because at times I was infuriated with him thinking why the hell will you not just bloody see what's right in front of you! This shows her character building was intense because I was so emotive in these characters.

Willow, from the beginning, you could tell her potential to want to know who she truly was! Like most women she didn't really know where she fit in life and I could completely relate, she had it within her but she just needed someone to release the beast within her and Leo was that someone! I love the way her character took form throughout the series although I must admit she exasperated me, why wouldn't she just bloody listen! I had a few oh my god are you, serious woman, he knows what he's talking about but again this is the author's ability to evoke a reaction because you can relate to and understand Willow's actions.

I am trying really hard not to give too much of the plot and twists away because I want you to feel the passion for yourselves.

So I'll do a bit of a Q & A ….

Favourite main character

Leo without a shadow of a doubt! I love a brooding Alpha with a dark twist!

Favourite side character

Oh my god, it has to be Jax! This man is hilarious, laugh-out-loud funny! His ability to not truly read a situation and be a total goofball made me hope that he has his own story.

Favourite scene

This is a toughie … I'm going to go with two just because I can't pick a favourite. When Willow attended dinner naked, it was perfect! Another scene with Willow and her mum where she truly is a force not to be reckoned with! These scenes will totally make sense when you read the book but if I say any more I will totally spoil it for you!

Favourite quote

"She turns bored eyes onto him. “I’m not here to fulfill your fucking fantasies, darling.” She pivots to leave, but before she can even take a step, Spartak’s hand lashes out and snatches up a fistful of her hair. He drags her back to him, yanks down to expose her neck, and hisses in her ear loud enough for me to hear, “You’ll fulfill whatever the fuck I want you to fulfill, darling.”"

This series could very easily be adapted for TV! It has given me my passion for reading again and for that I am eternally grateful. I will definitely be reading more from this author I love my dark and dangerous reads and this author is definitely a bratva QUEEN!


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Nicole Fox writes thrilling, sexy dark mafia romance novels about the kind of guys you should run FROM but end up running TOWARDS instead. She is a crazy cat lady in her late 30's with a coffee addiction, an overactive imagination, and a husband who somehow puts up with her impulsive need to keep buying new plants for their house.

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