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King by Kate Bonham Review and Giveaway

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King By Kate Bonham

From bestselling author Kate Bonham comes another spine tingling retelling.

Halen has always been cast out as the unmentionable son of his rich father and socialite mother.

His older brother Zane has always been the most desired, and when his father decided to retire, everything went to


For years, Halen harbored nothing but ill will to his brother, hatching a scheme to bring him and his entire inherited empire down.

Then...he finds someone who will be the very one to bring Zane to his knees.

Kidnapping Zane's young lover, Halen has everything he ever needs to defeat his brother once and for all.

Or so he thinks...he had no idea he would fall for the young beauty, and reveal a dark side to the woman who would test everything

he ever thought he wanted.

Now, he's the one with something to lose...

A dark Hades and Persephone retelling with a modern mafia story.

There may be some triggering scenes in this story. Please proceed with caution.

King by Kate Bonham Review

King by Kate Bonham Review brought to you from our latest guest reviewer Fiona Wilson.

Zane and Halen are brothers, but any thoughts of brotherly love was blown out the water many years before this story takes place. Zane was too much like his father for Halens liking, so he mainly stays out of his way. Living in his underground palace Halen rules his kingdom with a fair hand, unless crossed.

For years the brothers have managed to live apart with no issues. However it soon becomes clear that plans are afoot to banish Halen from his kingdom. He has to come up with a plan to avoid this at all costs.

The plan, kidnapping someone Zane is close to, leads to no end of problems for both brothers.

The story is a dark one, be warned, but it’s a good one. So good in fact that I read it in one sitting. What the characters go through isn’t nice, but everything happens for a reason.

You will never look at a pomegranate in the same way once you have read this story.

Favourite Character

As much as I loved the main couple, I loved the character of Percy. I hope that the author is going to write his story as I feel it would be good to find out more about him.

Favourite Scene

It has to be right at the end of the story, the last chapter in fact. It brings everything to an end in a brilliant way.


4.5 out of 5 stars



About The Author

Kate Bonham Author Pic
Kate Bonham Author Pic

Kate grew up in Western Sydney, in Australia, and remains there today. She has always loved the written word, being influenced by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, JR Ward and Anne Rice, she ventured into writing at a young age.

Finally taking the plunge in 2016 and publishing for the first time. Ever since, she’s been trying to bring the worlds she’s created in her head to the page for everyone else to enjoy as much as she does.

When she’s not writing, she’s looking after her bevvy of pets including snakes, lizards, axolotls, birds, a turtle and a dog with her husband Kyle.


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