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Completed Teaser Designs

Teasers are a great way of promoting your novel. They are a great way to reach out to your potential readers and allow them to see what your book is all about. Here at Wingfield designs we can cater for all your needs. Alot of authors lie to include quotes from out of their novel to give a little insight in to exactly what to expect from there novel!


Young love is so real, isn’t it?

It was for Hayley and Sam.

But it doesn’t last, does it?

Or, it didn’t for them... Initially.

Growing up on a South East London estate, Hayley Adams knew all the bad boys.

But there was only one that all the good girls wanted.

Sam Weston hadn’t enjoyed being tagged the bad boy; he just had a troubled past that he struggled with.

This isn’t a romance; this is a story of falling in love, of second chances, and of loss.

This is a story of true and lasting love, of forced separations, and of growing up.

This women’s fiction novel is suitable for readers over the age of 18




Being an O’Farrell comes with its own problems but for the most part we were feared and respected.

Until now.

A rebellion is rising, trying to oust my brothers and I from our control over the city.

My enemies are coming for me and they know how to hurt me.

They’ll go after my woman.

Once I find them, they’ll wish they never laid eyes on her.

330396385_1270926036968491_25487391999165751_n (1).jpg

Jordan by TL Wainwright

So yeah! I look like a bad boy with my tattoos, shit hot bike and a body that most girls dream of having in their bed, pounding their ass until they’re screaming my name. I’m also a brainy fucker.

I can hack into any computer or security program on this planet. The Dark web? Piss easy. I can find out what colour underwear the pope wears on a Wednesday, if that’s what you need to know. Or perhaps what the CEO of American National Traders Bank really gets up to on a Friday night, when he’s told his poor deluded little wifey he’s working late. Let’s just say, he doesn’t like to play the dominant boss all the time, and he pays a buck or two for the privilege.
Don’t bother trying to find me on Google and you won’t find me on Facebook either. I fly under the radar.
Yet, the one person who I need to watch more than anyone else seems to have the ability to evade me.
What is she up to?

People call me the Tattooed Geek, but you honey, you can call me anything you want.


Jordan by TL Wanwright
Jordan by TL Wanwright

Sibling Rivalry by Jaimie Roberts

One girl
Twin brothers
A deadly trio

It’s a word which conjures both intrigue and fantasy.
Many women will think I’m lucky to have a set of twins, both of whom are in love with me.
But for me, it’s a curse.
Archer and Ash…
I physically crave both, but my heart belongs to only one.

Up until now, I’ve refused to be the one who came between them—to be the one to break their brotherly bond.
Yet one drunken night will change all that ... when I decide to throw caution to the wind and give in to this incessant need to feel his body on mine.

Everything was going according to plan.
Until it didn’t.



Another Life by KL Shandwick

What happens to you when you love someone with all of your heart, but that love has nowhere to go?

Heartthrob, Cole Harkin, counted his blessings with a gorgeous wife and the couple's excitement of a first baby on the way.

Just when he thought his world was complete, Cole becomes devastated and overwhelmed when his future is ripped from under his feet.


With little choice in the matter, Cole has to face living another life...A very different life to the one he thought he and Grace had planned.

A Single parent second chance romance following Cole's inspirational journey through grief and loss.


'Another Life is a beautifully constructed story of Cole Harkin trying to rebuild his life when fate deals him the best thing in his life and the cruelest blow at the same time.'

Another Life by KL Shandwick
Another Life by KL Shandwick
Another Life by KL Shandwick
Another Life by KL Shandwick
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