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Scar Book Review and Giveaway.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Scar (The Perished Riders MC book 2) by Nicola Jane



Before I was taken, my life was normal. I had parents who loved me, friends I’d have died for, and a boyfriend who doted on me. But one night changed it all, and for sixteen months, I’ve been missing, living in a hell created by the monsters who took me.

When Scar finds me, I’m a shadow of who I used to be. His patience and dedication to keep me safe is apparent from the beginning, and honestly, I like it. I haven’t felt this safe in a long time. But it soon becomes obvious that Scar’s got his own issues. He keeps himself hidden away from the world, reluctant to speak let alone show his face.

I want to help him the same way he’s helped me . . . so why won’t he trust me?


From the second I saw her lying on that church pew, looking vulnerable and sad, I was drawn to her. Something about the way she clung to me had me vowing to protect her.

I can’t begin to imagine the hell she’s been through, but taking her back to The Perished Riders’ clubhouse was the only solution. I knew my Pres could help—it’s what he’s vowed to do since taking over as the club’s leader. But keeping Gracie so close is both a blessing and a curse. Yes, she’s safe, but she’s got a way of making me open up like I never have. She digs deep, uncovering scars and exposing my heart.

Now, I have to trust she won’t break it . . .


So after I read Maverick and devoured it so quickly I couldn't wait to get started on Scar’s story! But then you know life got in the way *sigh* I got really busy. I couldn't wait to finish it though so when the Christmas period hit I picked it back up and finished it in one night!!! So I have to say it is easy to pick back up as I found out. I hadn't lost track of the story at all and I knew exactly where I was and what had happened. This means the author has seriously worked her magic because the story had still stuck with me after not being able to read it for a couple of weeks, so the book passed the test of time.

I love Scar's story. It's nice to have an Alpha that is so different, that not only has mental scars and blocks but physical ones too! The journey you go on with Scar is one of self discovery, and the reality that women can also be master manipulators and narcissists too! Him and Gracie's story is one of passion that leads to some pretty tough decisions and wrong choices … you do wonder whether they'll ever truly get there happily ever after … will they? I don't think their story is over by a long shot and I would love to know where the journey takes them. I can see an extra story about these two, drama does follow them!

Again Nicola does amazing at twists and turns that you didn't expect to come! I have a couple more books to read before I can get on to Ghost's story but I'm eager to start because I just love how passionate he already is! How much care and affection he has for his brother but that he will quite frankly smack some sense in him! Nicola Jane does a fantastic job building the other characters so that you can already see their personality and story developing. In this series it isn't just about the main couple, you have a great introduction to all the other characters and what could be in their own stories.

Another fantastic addition to a wonderful series! This author will go far … I can't wait to catch up on the entire series!

Favourite Character?

Apart from the lead characters, which I absolutely have a hot spot for, I am going to have to go with Ghost, his passion and dedication to his brother is what family is all about! His protection for any woman I can see as running deep!

Favourite scene?

All I'm going to say is that revenge on the bitch was ultimate!

Favourite quote?

I was actually so engrossed in the whole book I forgot to highlight anything, but there were some amazing one liners. I really need to start highlighting. This entire series so far is fucking masterpiece!


About The Author

Nicola Jane was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England.

She's always loved to get lost in a good book, and as a teenager, would often write short stories. She began writing again to release the stories from her head. She only got brave enough to publish, around five years ago. Since then, she's worked her little fingers to the bone to bring you heart wrenching, drama filled, romance stories. She likes to add a touch of reality to each story, with some hard hitting plots.

When she isn't writing, (or reading), she loves to spend time with her husband and two teenage children.

You'll find her on social media, mainly when she should be writing. Get in touch, she loves to hear from her readers.

You can follow Nicola Jane here.

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