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Revelations Book Review

Revelations (Craving Crimson Book One) by Kate Bonham



I am a Hunter. I was born into a family that protected mankind from everything that went bump in the night.

Ten years ago, my world fell apart when I watched as my father lay dying in her arms.

For ten long years, I hated her, seeking revenge while still trying to stay alive.

Now she’s back and I finally have the opportunity to avenge his death.


I am a Noseratu. Stolen from my human life centuries ago. I’ve done bad things, things that no amount of good can make up for but over a century ago, I swore to be different, to reclaim whatever remnant of my soul I had left.

Ten years ago, I lost an ally and I let his son believe I killed him. And then I fled.

Now, I’m back but before I allow him to kill me, I need his help to rid the world of a foe I failed to kill.

The one man I’ve never been able to kill and one who may just end mankind once and for all.



I adored this story, it was something completely unique and unexpected, it has an interesting storyline between Soleil and Xavier and the author keeps you on your toes, not quite revealing all the hidden secrets right till the end!

I haven't read a vampire (nosferatu) story for quite some time and it gave me a great insight into the other world of vampires, I had never heard of the term Nosferatu before so it was great to have a little more understanding. I love Kate's use of Hunters and Nosferatu's living amongst each other and the complex relationship between the different supernatural creatures. The turmoil Xavier feels throughout the story is very well demonstrated, I really would love to go into more detail but I'm very conscious of giving away the storyline. I am looking forward to reading more about Xavier and his journey, although I do usually like my stories very dark so I am definitely going to check out some of Kate Bonham's other stories. As this for me wasn't quite dark enough but that does not detract from this story at all and I will be sure to finish the series.

There are a lot of questions I want answering and personally, I love that it ends on a cliffhanger because I need to know more!!! I want to see what Xavier becomes, does he find love? Are there some hot sex scenes to come? Will he get a nosferatu? Will Phoenix and Liam become his family? So many questions that I need answers to! I realise I am rambling and just know that I will end up giving the plot away if I go on much longer.

Favourite Character?

Phoenix, I don't know why, there's just something about him, something brooding, I want to know more!

Favourite scene?

The final scene with Sylvain … damn I loved it!

Favourite quote?

“You feel as if you have no choice here.” “I don't have a choice. Sylvain cannot live, he will damage too much in this world.” “This is true. However, there are ways around your eventual demise.” “I do not want to be here anymore, Caim. I have lived through so much—betrayal, my family being ripped apart, not being able to find my husband, being alone, hunted, tortured, and then watching my descendants die hunting the very thing I am.”

You can purchase the book here! It is available on KU as well!

About The Author

Kate grew up in Western Sydney, in Australia, and remains there today. She has always loved the written word, being influenced by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, JR Ward and Anne Rice, she ventured into writing at a young age.

Finally taking the plunge in 2016 and publishing for the first time. Ever since, she’s been trying to bring the worlds she’s created in her head to the page for everyone else to enjoy as much as she does.

When she’s not writing, she’s looking after her bevvy of pets including snakes, lizards, axolotls, birds, a turtle and a dog with her husband Kyle.

Discover more about Kate Bonham and her books here.

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