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Maverick Book Revew

Maverick (The Perished Riders MC Book 1) by Nicola Jane



Life has a funny way of pulling you in when you least expect it. It’s been a few years since I was back at The Perished Riders MC clubhouse, and fuck, it’s damn near the same. I don’t know what I thought would happen in my time away. I left because my dad was stuck in the past, unable to move the club forward into the present day, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the hell hole hasn’t changed since I was a kid.

It’s also no surprise that now the miserable bastard is dead, there’s not much left to salvage.

But I’ve stepped up, just like my brothers wanted me to, and I’m making changes. I’m gonna run this place straight, the way it should have been ran all those years ago.

But the dead have a funny way of leaving a legacy, and it ain’t always good. Eagle’s presence lingers like a fucking bad smell, and everywhere I turn, there’s another mess he left behind.

The road is calling me, and I’m beginning to think the club ain’t worth it, but then life throws me a curveball in the form of Rylee Carter.


Do you ever wonder when your life became this? Wake, eat, sleep, repeat . . . oh, and don’t forget to throw in the odd beating. Marrying Grant Carter was not my finest moment, nor was becoming his prisoner. Slowly, he made me dependent solely on him, and now, I’m stuck here. Wake, eat, sleep, repeat.

It’s by chance that my new neighbour hears my cries calling to her from the pits of my own hell. Instead of ignoring me, she sends me a lifeline. One I grasp with both hands.

Being rescued by The Perished Riders MC was just the beginning of my journey.

Since Maverick came into my life, things aren’t so mundane. He shows me just how strong I can be, and with him by my side, suddenly, everything seems possible.


Oh my fucking god! I am so exhausted sitting here writing this review, my initial thoughts were, ‘I'll just read one chapter before I go to bed and now it's 2.30 am, and the entire book devoured in one sitting! What an awesome read, I bloody love The Preshised Riders MC.

So many twists and turns, but the author takes due care and attention to dealing with some pretty horrific incidents. Making sure it's believable and ensuring Rylee's inner conflict and troubles were reasonable. Jumping in bed was not rushed, she was given power and control, although not experiencing marital abuse like our lead character, my father was very hostile, manipulative and controlling, so having lived with a narcissist this really was written extremely well. I can not fault any of the writing in this novel, it really is written to a very high standard and has blown me away.

I can not wait to read the rest of the novels in this series, maybe just not till early hours of the morning, else I'll never be able to function!

And Maverick, swoon, seriously this man oozes power with grace, he isn't an arse and always admits when it’s his fault, I can see him just not thinking the position through fully when it comes to those he loves! He's a hard ass but for all the right reasons!

I love that this MC club is based in London I haven't read many of these based in the UK and it was nice to have something different where I knew all the references, I could quite easily see Maverick and Rylee sat on a balcony in London far enough away from the hustle and bustle but close enough to still hear the traffic!

Favourite Character?

Apart from the lead characters, which I absolutely have a hot spot for, I am going to have to go with Mali, that girl has got spunk! I really hope I get to read her story!

Favourite scene?

All I'm going to say is revenge is bitter fucking sweet!

Favourite quote?

I was actually so engrossed in the whole book I forgot to highlight anything. This book in its entirety is a fucking masterpiece!

You will not be disappointed by the story in any way shape or form! Pick it up and take the plunge because damn, this author is a genius! You can purchase this book here.

About The Author

Nicola Jane was born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England.

She's always loved to write but only recently began to write seriously and by seriously she means, actually letting people read her work.

After every book release, she hides behind her hands, peeking out through her fingers, to see the reviews. She's only just started telling people who know her in real life, that she has books published!

Anyway, be kind, share positivity and if you like her work, let her know, she's always on social media when she's supposed to be writing.

You can follow Nicola Jane here.

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