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Top Tips for Author Branding

What is Author Branding?

Author branding is not just about logos, colours and consistency, although that does play a vital role in how you show up. Author Branding also includes how others perceive you and what you stand for, it includes things like, how you present yourself, and the morals and values you have as a person. You have to remember that your readers aren’t just buying your books, they are buying into you as a person. Many of the authors I follow and purchase from I don’t always get the chance to read the book but I will buy from them and support them because of who they are, what they represent and that they hold the same values, dreams and morals that I hold close to my chest.

Do authors need branding?

Your brand is actually more important than your book, it's the most overlooked aspect for authors, you have to show the ability to invest in yourself in order to expect others to invest in you, this even applies to such things as literary agents and publishers as a very minimum they expect you to have invested website and branding, this helps them to establish whether your brand and blog posts resonate with readers. If you are creating an online brand that readers can trust they are more likely to invest in you!

The importance of branding

Your branding creates trust among your readers, they know exactly what they're getting from you, they know what to expect, and they know where your morals and boundaries lie. It also creates loyalty, you want returning readers, you want them to come back for every book you release. Finally, it builds recognition, they can identify you from afar they know exactly who wrote that book, because of its style.

The creative side to your branding.

Your logo

  • How does your logo represent you and your business?

  • Does it look professional?

  • What are you trying to portray to your reader?

  • Always have your logo as a .png to be able to place it on any background


  • Ensure the font is legible

  • Don’t use more than three fonts - It will detract from your messaging

  • Use fonts that are in sync with your style of writing. For example if you are a thriller author you want more blocky fonts.

  • Use the same fonts consistently across all your social media, this is all part of your brand.

  • Make sure your text is aligned or central in order to keep the reader's attention.

  • Use the same font on your book covers for your author name; this creates consistency.


  • Don’t use too many colours, you will overwhelm your reader

  • Be careful of contrasting colours

  • Use colours which work in harmony with each other and represent you and your business.

  • Use the same colours consistently in all your social media. This includes new releases keeping them in unison with the cover that way people will recognise the cover giving it that consistency with your readers.

Create a BRAND people can trust! Below is the workshop I ran for one of my author events in my free group which you can join here.

If you would like me to work with you on your branding please contact me via emails or DM’s and I will be more than happy to assist! If you're going alone with the help and assistance of the workshop, good luck and happy creating! There are a number of workshops available by joining our author membership. You can take a look at all the added bonuses here.

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