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How To Write A Blurb

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How To Write A Blurb

Whenever we ask readers how they select which books to read, the first thing that grabs their attention is the cover, next up is always the blurb. Many say that the cover draws their initial attention but the blurb determines whether or not they click to make the final purchase. So I wanted to take this opportunity to write a bit of a blog post on writing your own blurb, but also give you some available services on offer if blurb writing really isn't your strong point.

A well written blurb for a new or indie author really can make a difference to how many people get to the check out stage with that book. I am also well aware that writing a blurb is one of the most frustrating things for authors. Where do you even start with trying to condense your story and captivate readers with such a short word count? Read on to find out more about how to tackle the blurb head on.

What is a blurb?

A blurb is a short description of a book, film, or other products for promotional purposes. The blurb can be written by any number of people and does not necessarily have to be written by the author, it can also be written by the publisher, a blurb writer or even a quote praise from others. Blurbs can be found on the back cover of your paperback book, however now ebooks are readily available the blurb can be found on the purchasing page.

Top Tips for writing a blurb?

Ok, so how can you create a blurb that will enchant the readers to take the plunge and part with their money? First of all let’s take a look at some simple steps that you can take when writing your blurb.

  • Know your genre

  • Give your readers what they want

  • Don’t just summarise, mesmerise

  • Hook your reader with a great opening

  • Be short and sweet ( Keep it to around 150 words)

  • Write in third person

  • Appeal to emotions

  • Avoid cheesy one liners and cliches

  • Give the blurb a plot

  • Write multiple blurbs

Writing A Captivating Blurb To Help Sell Your Books

Remember, that writing your blurb is effectively your sales pitch to your readers. It's the main opportunity you are going to have to sell your story and your characters to these potential readers.

Many authors overlook the blurb and don’t realise that if you create a blurb, that's fitting with your genre and also resonates with readers you are highly likely to increase sales! Now, let’s take a little bit more in depth of strategies you can use to increase sales.

Introduce your main characters

Your main characters are what drive the story and should be introduced in your book blurb. Readers need to know your primary characters to determine whether or not they want to read more about them.

Be sure to describe their most interesting characteristics. These characteristics are what are going to resonate with readers, it gives them a connection to your characters. If a reader can connect with your character just from the blurb you have already got them.

Primary Conflict

First of all let me be clear here when I say this isn’t the place to get into the storyline in great depth it needs to be short and sweet, you are literally introducing them to the conflict within the story, not the characters in depth internal conflicts. Think of this as the hook that's going to reel them in, what does your story have to offer them?

Establish the Stakes

Once you have created the conflict you are now creating the stakes, you want the reader to understand the consequences, what could or could not happen? Create a turmoil of twists that makes the reader want to read it to find out what really does happen.

Why is this book for them?

Your book belongs to a specific genre and it is important to highlight to your readers why they should choose your book from that genre.

You need to point out certain elements that would appeal to readers of that particular genre. For example, if your book is from the romance genre, you will know what kind of language and cliffhangers to use to make readers want to read more whilst also highlighting why your book is different and unique. The market is flooded with Romance authors at the moment so, what makes you stand out?

Before starting to write your blurb, brainstorm some ideas for what you want to offer the reader, get some rough guides down on paper, you could even use the subtitles here to guide your writing. You can find templates on the internet to assist with your blurb but remember to create something unique, have a true feeling for what your book has to offer them.

Are Blurbs Effective For Selling Your Book

The simple answer is yes, remember that readers are trawling through hundreds if not thousands of potential books, if your blurb stands out it means they are more likely to purchase yours.

However, just because you wrote the novel doesn’t mean you are the right person to write your blurb, blurb writing isn't for everyone and if you are still struggling to create the best blurb take a look at some services below that offer blurb writing services.

Recommended Blurb Writer

The Blurb Whisperer, this lady also runs blurb writing workshops for Fictional Authors.

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The Blurb Whisperer Logo

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