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Frequently Asked Questions

As a cover designer, I get many questions about designs and the number of different services I offer. I thought that it would be a brilliant idea to get these questions into a blog post so people have access to them. If you do have any questions please feel free to add a comment at the end of this post and I will be sure to update the blog post itself to accommodate them, no question is too daft, we all have different concerns when it comes to the design process.

Can I make changes to the fonts and colours of a premade cover I purchased?

All prices seen include minor changes to the cover, this includes things such as colour, fonts, textures, titles and taglines. I consider any changes that can be completed within an hour is covered in the cost of all pre-made covers. Any changes that take longer than an hour will be charged at my hourly rate of £25. If you have a specific enquiry and are unsure whether these changes can be made within the hour please contact me directly for a complete quote, I will be more than happy to assist you.

If a premade cover is listed as an e-book is there the ability to upgrade it?

Any cover can be upgraded to a paperback or even the ultimate package which includes ebook, paperback, .png of title, 3d renders of your book, ARC cover, cover reveal image, social media banners and a promotional image / teaser.

However, if a book is listed as a paperback it can not be sold as e-book only, but can be upgraded to an ultimate package.

Can my logo be added to a premade cover?

Yes, all logos can be added to the premade covers and this will be at no extra cost to your purchase. Please supply the .png of your logo and the location you wish it to be placed on the cover. Please be aware that if your logo is not a .png I may need to make alterations to it in order for it to be visible on the cover.

Can multiple .pdf files be provided?

Yes, I can supply multiple .pdf’s for any other size prints or printers however these will be chargeable for £10 per .pdf. Extra .pdf’s are usually used for places such as Ingram Sparks, but please be mindful that should you wish to print via Ingram Sparks you need to provide me with the correct size template as unfortunately, I do not have the ability to download the templates, they provide individual templates based upon your requirements for your book.

Are packages available on premade covers?

Packages are available on all premade covers and custom designs the prices just vary on each. Premade packages are priced at £99 and custom packages are priced at £127. Should you require any additional teasers or promotional images please do let me know and I will be able to quote you accordingly.

Do you offer custom designs?

All custom designs can be booked in advance via my calendly link. You can book as far in advance as you wish. Once booked I will invoice you with a 50% deposit to hold your space until that time. I request that all authors complete a client information form for your design to allow me to make sure I have all the relevant information before I complete your book cover. Should you not wish to complete a form, I do offer a 30 minutes zoom call at the commencement of your design slot to allow us to go through any ideas and for me to gain all the relevant material for the project.

What information do you require for any teasers?

The author must supply me with quotes to use on the teasers, a brief specification for what they want the teaser to look like, for example, if they wish it to have an eerie feel for a horror or thriller story. If I have not designed your book cover I will also require your cover in ebook and paperback format. If you have the .png of the title or any logos you wish to use then please supply them too. Any images used for the background will be supplied by myself either through Deposit Photos or Shutterstock under a royalty free licence.

Whose responsibility is it to research market trends?

I am a firm believer that every author should have a clear understanding of the market trends within their genre and sub categories. I will not have a complete understanding of the tropes within your novel. However, I am also more than happy to conduct my own market research alongside you and give you advice on what I believe would be best design practices within your genre.

Can you create hardback book covers?

This is something I am already doing on a regular basis for my authors both for KDP’s latest hardback designs and also for Ingram Sparks. Amazon Kindle Direct is just hardback, whereas Ingram Sparks also comes with a dust jacket which personally I much prefer. However, the costs are slightly different. With Amazon KDP they are priced at £10 as it is, only one .pdf needs to be provided however when using Ingram Sparks two .pdfs are required one for the actual hardback cover and the other for the dust jacket which wraps around the cover

Are title .pngs included in any purchase?

These are only included in the ultimate package option within the price. However, you can purchase these separately. Should you not require the ultimate package but wish to use the .png of the title for the internal design of your book and for your own use on teasers and promotional material, these can be purchased individually for £5.

Can you create Ingram Spark Covers?

Many of my authors use both Ingram Sparks for printing and KDP so I am able to provide you with your cover if using Ingram Sparks. However please be aware that it is your responsibility as the author, to provide me with the templates from Ingram Sparks. Unfortunately, their sizing's are different from KDP so you will not be able to use your KDP template for Ingram in all cases due to the different types of printers used.

Can I provide you with a model image for my cover?

Yes, I am more than happy to work with exclusive images. However, I do as long as you provide me with proof of purchase so that I know you have exclusive rights to use this image. This could be the receipt for purchase of the image which includes the rights of use from the photographer. Please be aware this is for your protection as well as mine.

Do you convert to foreign languages?

Yes, I work with French Publishers and have worked on Translations for my authors on numerous occasions. If this is the case, I will ask for the translation itself and in some cases the way in which the page turns as some countries have left to right and some have right to left. The spine in different countries can also be different so please ensure you find out from those translating your novel which is the recommended way for books within their country.

Should you have any other questions, please place them in the comments and I will amend this FAQ post as time goes on to include them all for your reference.

I have provided a free book release checklist which is available to those signed up to my mailing list! This is really helping authors stay on track with what they need to do for their release. Sign Up Below!

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