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How to Create A+ Content For Amazon

So you have heard the industry talking about A+ Content now being available on Amazon but you aren’t quite sure what it is? Well, you have come to the right place. During this blog post, I am going to explain what A+ Content is and how it can help you, as well as explain to you how you can create your own.

What is A+ Content?

So what is A+ Content? “A+ Content allows you to add images, text, and comparison tables to your Amazon Detail page to engage readers and give them more information as they consider buying your book” - Amazon.

By adding A+ Content in your description you will be able to connect more with your readers, make your book stand out, and be able to share more about your author's story. It really is one of the most effective ways to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates.

Let's consider it like this, you’re walking down a local high street passing numerous shops, you don’t even really consider entering the one shop with limited information or the shop that hasn't made much of an effort but a few steps later and you see the same style shop but with lights and posters, it's more inviting so you are more likely to want to go in and purchase it. Consider your A+ Content like this, you are drawing your readers in, you are welcoming them into your world, and attracting them to purchase your book. Yes, you can have a description, but we as people are much more inclined to have our attention drawn by pretty images, videos, and media than having to read through varieties of different text.

A + Content allows you to enhance your product description using high-definition videos, enhanced images, comparison charts, robust FAQs, and so much more.

How to use A+ content to your advantage

A+ Content is a great marketing tactic and it will really allow you to set your book and your author brand apart. Until A+ content amazon only gave you control of your Book cover and even then that can get you shunned if there is too much skin on show! Authors had very limited control; you could showcase your book cover and include your book description but Amazon never really allowed us the opportunity to control the way in which things were displayed on their platform. However, with A+ content you certainly have more control now as an author. We need to look at A+ content as not just a way to sell the one book that they have landed on, but also the opportunity to sell everything else you have written, see this as a giant billboard to getting your entire brand noticed.

Advertise your entire series.

When using A+ Content it really is possible to make some impressive-looking photo ads and this can be a great way of showcasing your entire series in individual images for different characters this helps show what is still to come! Look at the example below.

About the author

Include information about you in your A+ Content, allowing the customer to see the author behind the words. Include your author picture, a little bio, and a list of all the books you have currently written. You can ensure that it looks inviting and create a connection with the reader.


I absolutely love the idea of this one, especially for those authors who have quite complex timelines or integrating series. This allows the reader to see the reading order and also the connected stories from different series or even anthology pieces.

SOURCE : AMAZON Sample from Awaken Online: Inferno (Tarot Book Three) by Travis Bagwell

Character Tree

Again, I love this idea where you can show how complex characters fit together and which children each character may have, when the character's parents may have passed away, whether there were children from estranged wives ect. This allows your reader to connect with your story with a deeper understanding.

A character carousel

Selecting the multiple image module A in your settings. This is the perfect way to set up character introductions, in this option you could even select an image from stock sites of who your character is and introduce them, what they look like, their favourite things, and their personality. Draw in the readers, and make them want to learn more about your individual characters.

Compare your series

Have multiple series? Why not create a comparison table to compare different books that you have written? You could focus on comparing genres, subcategories, and traits that the characters have, maybe it’s a standalone or a duet, does it have to be read in a particular order? All of these things give the reader an insight into not only the book that they are selecting but also your entire collection of books!

A+ Content Guidelines

Just like with everything else on amazon there are guidelines regarding what you can and cannot post in the A+ Content, be sure that you get in the know by reading their own content guidelines here.

Here are a few things to consider.

  • Do not post any reviews in your text although you can post reviews from well-known publications such as news articles or public figures.

  • Do not include the price of your book or any kind of promotional language like “Free”

  • You can not use any links or encourage users to visit outside the amazon site, such as signing up for your newsletter.

  • You must own all the rights to any images, logos, or icons you use, so be sure to get any images from a reputable source such as Shutterstock.

  • Do not use time-sensitive text such as “Buy Now” or “On Sale Today”

  • Any Awards must be proven.

There are a number of other guidelines so please be sure to familiarise yourself with them.

I have attached a Youtube video of a lady with a walkthrough on A+ Content for you to take a look at and consider when creating your own A+ Content.

If you would like me to help or assist with your A+ Content in any way please do reach out and I would be happy to create some graphics for you to use within your content. My A+ Content Package includes the about author section images and your stacked images (See Below). You can select some of the other options above if you wish. This package is £57 and I can include an upload price of £17 should you require assistance with uploading your content. You can book via calendly here.

SOURCE : AMAZON Cooper by Nicola Jane

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