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Time Block Self Help

Time Block Self Help

Want to create more time? 


Always feel overwhelmed by the mountain of tasks you need to do. 


Don't worry we have you covered at Wingfield Designs. This is designed to help the overwhelm and create a more productive you! Time blocking is something I was introduced to during an NLP course in order to help me feel more in control and in turn, helped increase my productivity. 


I created the form to assist authors in juggling not only their writing careers but to also help manage their personal life. 


The document runs from Monday to Friday and from 6 am - 6 pm, there is a notes section where you can add more information about things you may need to remember such as ringing a Drs or booking your car MOT. There is then an interventions slot to help you set a daily intention, just three but three intentions you aim to get done during each day this could be a word count, sending your newsletter, or facilitating a live read on your social media accounts. 


There is a small document attached to the download explaining how to use the timeblock but if you have any questions please do feel free to reach out and I a happy to take you through the process. 



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