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Now Duet Premade Book Covers
  • Now Duet Premade Book Covers

    Now Duet Premade Book Covers

    Includes Now Or Never and Now And Forever.


    This premade is compiled using stock images, please refer to the Information section regarding licencing.  When purchasing please only select which package you would like you are not required to purchase both. Once one is purchased I will remove the other from sale. 

    This sale includes an ebook and paperback designs. This includes minor changes to the cover such as title changes, fonts, colours, etc. This is charged at £137 for the pair. Further changes can be made to the cover but please contact me with your change requests for an exact price, major changes are charged by the hour. 

    If you wish you can also upgrade to the ultimate package please see below for what is included.


    Package Includes:

    e-Book Cover

    Paperback Cover
    .png of Title