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How to Create Your own Book Pomotion Workshop

How to Create Your own Book Pomotion Workshop

This workshop takes you through a step-by-step process with how to create and run your own book promotion, the promotions we are talking about in this workshop are those that are generally run by promotional companies such as; release blitz, pre-order blitz, cover reveals, and blog tours. 

This workshop will allow you to cut out the middle man and run your own tours whilst also building up your connections with book bloggers. As you develop your master list of bloggers you will be able to approach them for all subsequent releases which will allow things to run more smoothly with each promotion. 


This workshop includes steps to complete the following: 

  • How to create a sign-up form using google.
  • How to send ARC direct to kindle
  • Ways in which you can approach bloggers to request their assistance with your promotion. 
  • How to build your own media kits, including things you can include inside your media.
  • How to create HTML for bloggers which will allow them to post more smoothly on their websites.  
  • You will also be given access to a shared drive where you can see all completed material.


You will be given access to a .pdf with a set of screenshots and instructions with the process to follow, however you will also be given access to an MP4 video with a complete walkthrough. 

  • Information

    Please be aware that once purchased this is for your personal use and is not to be redistributed to any third party without prior consent from Wingfield Designs. 


    These Workshops are pre-recorded for the membership group The Creative Writing Corner and then uploaded to the store. Should you wish to join the membership you will also have access to talks by experts, writing sprints and coffee mornings. 


    All digital files will not be entitled to returns. 

    Please also be aware some groups shared on the .pdf may now be closed. If you find any issues with any of the files please email me at

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