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Beyond Repair Signed Paperback
  • Beyond Repair Signed Paperback

    Jara is fighting the demons of her past, all the while working within the corporate world.A world where weakness can’t be shown.


    When a sexy businessman takes over, she envisions her days are numbered.

    Nothing goes according to plan and Jara couldn’t predict the chemistry between her and her new boss.

    What starts off as a physical attraction grows into something more and Jara is faced with a dilemma.

    Should she trust this man who has claimed her heart or not?


    But when a third party that seems to be stalking Jara gets involved, things start to unravel.

    What will happen when it goes too far and a kidnapping has to be reported?

    Will her new boss save her or will she save herself?

    Moving from a traumatic childhood to an empowered woman. This story boasts confidence and empowerment for women, while dishing out some sexy servings on the side and a powerful and epic finale.


    For fans of strong female leads, sexy rich men and a touch of mystery and thriller.



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