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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

This gives you access to a video explaining the marketing Plan trello board and how to use and save it to your own Trello Space. 


Book marketing is crucial to the success of your release, and not every marketing plan suits every book you release, so you should go through a new marketing plan with each new release, that isn’t to say that you should scrap any previous idea’s but you can use your existing marketing plan and tweak it each time. Many authors do not see the need for a marketing plan, but this is paramount to you understanding your audience and being able to sell your book. A good deal of authors consider their writing as a hobby and not a career but you have to remember this is your career and as such should be treated as one.


This will help you to stay organised and on track with your marketing it will allow you to re-use it over and over again for each new release. 


Any questions please do reach out and I will be happy to assist.

  • Information

    Please be aware that once purchased this is for your personal use and is not to be redistributed to any third party without prior consent from Wingfield Designs. 


    These Workshops are pre-recorded for the membership group The Creative Writing Corner and then uploaded to the store. Should you wish to join the membership you will also have access to talks by experts, writing sprints and coffee mornings. 


    All digital files will not be entitled to returns. 

    Please also be aware some groups shared on the .pdf may now be closed. If you find any issues with any of the files please email me at

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